About Us

Our Story

Every company tells a story and ours started with selling toys in the local market. Back in 2016, a simple experiment with online selling gave birth to a renowned brand called Whole9Yards Online LLP. 8 years down the line, we have gained the trust of prominent partners like itoys, Mady, Deli, Torero, and more.

At Whole9Yards, we provide a wide range of products across various categories and ensure efficient supply chain management to offer a great shopping experience for our customers. For our partners, we create a smooth and seamless selling experience. Our continuous efforts to meet the demands of brands for online retail, along with our ability to adapt to market changes, make us a leading player in the online retail sector.

From Marketing to Delivery, Whole9Yards Offers a Full Range of eCommerce Services.

We embrace change and seek partnerships with brands that want to be part of the e-commerce revolution reshaping online retail globally. Our team is composed of young and dynamic professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance, engineering, and analytics. We are customer-focused and believe in constantly improving efficiency and accuracy. We delve deep into understanding every business need and requirement, building strong, scalable foundations.

By diversifying our operations to reach large consumer bases, we strive to change the perception of e-commerce as merely an online presence for brands. We craft engaging stories about each brand’s products, enticing customers to buy them and ensuring a smooth customer experience from online purchase to delivery.

Roshit Choukhany

From the Founder’s Desk

Growing up in a business family dealing with tea manufacturing, my fate was sealed. Way back in 2008, I started my business career in the tea gardens of Assam. However, the zeal to do something different kept nudging me.

What started with selling a few local toys online paved the path for a trusted name like Whole9Yards Online LLP. With slow but steady steps we created our in-house brands like Wembley toys, Travelry, Oohm, Magic Makers, and Party Hours.

Over the last 8 years, W9Y has evolved as a multi-channel eCommerce retailer of multiple product categories. The continuous endeavor to meet brand requirements for online retail channels makes W9Y one of the most prominent players in the eCommerce industry today.

With a lot of effort, we have come to a place where W9Y has reached a stage that is continuously enabling us to provide true-value products to all the customers who have pinned their trust on us.

The journey of 8 years was not a rose-paved path. What baffled us initially was how the honchos stood their ground in the eCommerce industry. However, we fought through and created our own brand story. Despite the challenges, we have achieved 2 Lakh shipments per month and have warehousing capabilities in over 80 locations in India.

Our vision is to ensure that every Indian pays the correct value for a top-quality product.