Analysis & Reporting

Analysis & Reporting

At W9Y, we understand that data is the foundation of successful eCommerce operations.

Our comprehensive analytics and reporting tools provide insights into every aspect of your online business. From generating detailed sales reports to presenting month-end inventory snapshots, W9Y empowers you to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Comprehensive Sales Reports

For every leader measuring the progress of their sales campaign can be challenging. While profit and revenue present a layout of how successful the internal sales strategies have been, these do not highlight the efficacy of the strategies and the market trends. This is why W9Y focuses on in-depth sales analysis that helps to analyze different metrics to measure sales performance.

Our analytics platform dishes out detailed sales reports that let you track your revenue streams and highlight your best-sellers. Dive into the sales data to uncover valuable insights about customer favorites, seasonal trends, and sales patterns.

Profit Margin Analysis

Understanding your profit margins is crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line. W9Y’s profit margin analysis tools allow to monitor and analyze the cost structures and revenue streams. Our back-end team identifies the most profitable products and understands where costs can be optimized, hence maximizing profitability and ensuring long-term business success.

Month-End Inventory Snapshots

Effective inventory management is essential for any eCommerce business. Our month-end inventory snapshots provide a comprehensive overview of the stock levels, allowing one to keep track of inventory status and make informed purchasing decisions. With accurate inventory data at the fingertips, the chances of stockouts are minimized, maximizing inventory and improving overall inventory turnover.

Sales by Product Analysis

To optimize the product offerings, it’s important to understand how each product is performing. W9Y’s sales-by-product analysis tools help to break down the sales data by individual products, giving a clear picture of product performance. This analysis paves the path for identifying best-sellers, managing underperforming products, and tailoring marketing efforts to boost sales.

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From breaking down the numbers to measuring the profit margin, W9Y presents a strategic overview of the Analytics of your eCommerce business.


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