Meet Roshit Choukhany: A Charismatic Founder who can Charm you with Words!

Roshit Choukhany is a leader who knows how to motivate his team with his words and dedication. From building an eCommerce powerhouse to creating educational toys, Roshit has done it all. He believes in having fun with his team to keep spirits high and believes in rewarding people fairly. When it comes to negotiations, Roshit finds a way to a win-win solution. His never-ending dedication and unwavering commitment motivate the team to reach new heights. Roshit’s leadership is all about inspiring creativity and teamwork at Whole9Yards, driving the company forward in the world of eCommerce.

Meet The Team

Meet Avinash Pandey: The Logistics Wizard with a Twist! 

Avinash Pandey, our Logistics Head, is the mastermind behind the seamless operations of our warehouse. His exceptional leadership skills have the team riding high, consistently hitting all the right notes and achieving their targets. But Avinash’s talents don’t stop there. In his off time, he takes on the role of a part-time motivational speaker, delivering inspiring pep talks that boost team morale. Avinash isn’t just a logistics expert; he’s a walking, talking, coordinating dynamo who keeps everything moving with a little humor, and a touch of inspiration.

Meet Sumit Saha: The Silent Force Driving Our Success!

Sumit Saha, our Purchase Head, is renowned for his smart decision-making and exemplary leadership style. Though somewhat reserved, Sumit leads his team by setting a genuine example of professionalism and dedication. His knack for making the right decisions ensures operational efficiency and team unity, making him a foundation of our organization’s success. Sumit’s innovative approach to procurement and his dedication to continuous improvement have led to significant operational enhancements. 

Meet Rintu Gupta: The Sales Genius of W9Y!

With a blend of expertise, innovation, and a deep passion for sales, Rintu leads our eCommerce sales department in style. His exceptional leadership and strategic vision have been driving sales growth for so many years. Under his guidance, our company continues to thrive, delivering outstanding results and setting new standards in the eCommerce sector. Rintu’s innovative approach to solving challenges makes him an invaluable asset to our organization. His leadership not only drives our business forward but also creates a dynamic and inspiring work environment for our entire team.

Meet Jayanti Kothari: The Talkative Artist with a Flair for Perfection!

Jayanti Kothari, our exceptionally talented graphic designer, brings creativity and perfection to everything she touches. Her knack for creating flawless designs and her ability to seamlessly gel with everyone make her an indispensable part of our team. Whether she’s brainstorming new ideas or chatting with colleagues, Jayanti’s presence lights up the room and keeps the creative energy flowing. With Jayanti around, there can never be a dull moment in the office.

Meet Shailesh Kumar: Accelerating Sales!

Sailesh Kumar is the National Sales Head, managing Sales & Distribution for the organization. With 15 years of valuable experience in general trade sales, he has successfully reached 400 retail outlets. Shailesh specializes in Territory Activation, New Customer Acquisition, and New Product Launches. His strategic approach drives growth while consistently meeting bottom-line goals. Shailesh’s dedication and expertise have significantly contributed to the organization’s success, making him a key asset in achieving business objectives and ensuring sustainable growth.

Meet Santanu Majumder: From Bank Vaults to Listing Head!

Santanu Majumder leads our Listing Department with unmatched expertise and dedication. Transitioning from the banking sector to heading our listing team, Santanu has worked tirelessly to reach this peak of success. His journey is a testament to his hard work, flexibility, and ability to excel in diverse fields, making him an invaluable asset to our company.

Meet Vikash Prasad: Leading with Numbers and Laughter!

Vikash Prasad, our seasoned accountant, brings years of experience and expertise to the table. Whether it’s leading a team or managing complex financial tasks shouldering responsibilities with ease is just his forte. But Vikash isn’t just about numbers—he’s also a master of cracking funny jokes, keeping the office high on energy and spirits. His unique blend of professionalism and humor makes him a crucial part of our team, ensuring both productivity and a lively work environment.

Meet Rahul Das: The Network Ninja and Business Development Dynamo!

Rahul Das is the guy with the network and the knack for making things happen. As an expert business developer, he excels at bringing opportunities to the table and turning them into success stories. But Rahul’s talents don’t stop at business development; he’s also a specialist in good food and great laughs. When it comes to work, just say it, and Rahul will make it happen with his unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm.